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Grignard Reagents

Grignard Reagents are highly reactive organo magnesium halides formed by the reaction of magnesium metal with alkyl or alkenyl halides. Our comprehensive portfolio of Grignard reagents, exceedingly valuable tools for organic synthesis.

Lithium Reagents

Lithium Reagents are extremely powerful  bases  and nucleophiles. An organolithium reagent  is an organometallic compound with a direct bond between lithium atom.

Zinc Reagents are a class of organometallic compounds which contain a carbon zinc bond. These compounds are usually volatile, pyrophoric and sensitive to oxidation. They are classified on the basis of the number of the carbon atoms bonded directly to the zinc atom.

Aluminum Reagents

Triethylborane are powerful tools for organic synthesis and the development of new technologies and play an important role in the formation of known bond formations.

Metal alkoxides

Allyl Tributyl Stannane is the conjugate base of an alcohol and therefore consists of an organic group bonded to a negatively charged oxygen atom. Alkoxides are strong bases.

Pyridine Derivatives

Pyridine Reagent and its derivatives are important chemical compounds with tremendous applications to combat various ailments and diverse fields.

Molar Solutions

Isopropyl Magnesium Chloride solution like acids in solvents, bases in solvents are very useful in Research & Development.

Dry Solvents

Trimethylaluminum Cas are suitable for various applications in chemical analysis, synthesis and purification These Solvents are ideally used for chemical reactions where water traces inhibit or lead to side reaction and generate unwanted products

About Symax

Symax Laboratories, established in the year 2015, is one of the leading Pharceuticals manufacturers of the inert substances that help in delivering active ingredients necessary for the pharmaceutical industry, bulk drug formulations. Symax has proven technical and operational expertise in developing a wide range of pharmaceutical ingredients, Magnesium Reagents and fine chemicals such as Tributyl Vinyl Tin Manufacturers.

SYMAX has been following a steady growth path on the pillars of its philosophy of "Quality, Integrity and Core Values".


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