Grignard Reagents Supplier In India

Introducing the most reliable and performance-driven grignard reagents supplier in India to meet the varied needs of its customers across industries. Since its inception in 2015, Symax Laboratories has worked its way to the top to become the most trusted partner for delivering high-quality pharmaceutical drugs and fine chemicals. Grignard reagents are a versatile and widely used organometallic compound for several applications
This includes:

  • Organic Synthesis
  • Alcohol synthesis
  • Polymerisation reactions
  • Synthesis of natural products, agrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

Our goal is to create a global ecosystem where healthcare and innovation are prioritised. We have built a portfolio of over 900 products to date and cater to the needs of several clients across the country. Some of our clients include established brands such as Jubilant Biosys, Piramal, and Granules among others. These attributes have enabled us to capture the market and positioned us as one of the top grignard reagent dealers in the business.

Our team comprises 50-plus highly skilled and driven professionals with a singular goal; to provide high-quality drugs that will improve medical output and boost a variety of industrial applications. Our commitment and expertise as a leading grignard reagents supplier in India are further cemented owing to our two state-of-the-art production facilities. Each unit is operated by a team of engineers and technicians while adhering to rigorous quality regulations throughout the production line.

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