Tributyltin-Hydride Reagent Manufacturers

Welcome to Symax Laboratories, a leading tributyltin hydride reagent manufacturer along with a wide range of derivatives, fine chemicals, and dry solvents.

Incorporated in 2015 by a team of industry professionals, our goal is to redefine the health industry while prioritising the advancement of scientific research and better health outcomes. We have over 900 products in our portfolio and serve the needs of over 650 clients across the Country. We have two state-of-the-art production facilities which are manned by a team of highly skilled and motivated staff. Despite our humble beginnings, we have climbed up the ladder owing to our unwavering commitment to quality, research, and innovation. Quite naturally, we have been positioned as one of the top tributyltin hydride reagent in the market for years.

Strict compliance with quality is a part of our ethos. Every step of production is managed by a rigorous set of quality control measures which ensure that each product meets or exceeds relevant industry standards. Our team comprises scientists, researchers, engineers, technicians, and other industry professionals who share the same goal; to deliver high-quality drugs for better medical outcomes and expanding medical capabilities.

What truly defines us is our collaborative approach to tackling challenges; we work in tandem with various stakeholders such as pharma companies, medical institutions, research centres, and government agencies to understand their needs and challenges. Based on this understanding, we develop medical applications that are safe, effective, and reliable. Head Symax Laboratories, the most trusted tributyltin hydride reagent manufacturer for all your medical needs.

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